Increase Your Add To Cart Conversion Rates with Empty Cart upselling

Cart abandonment is the big bad wolf of any marketing fairytale. But once the customer adds a product to the cart, you can follow them around till you get that fairytale ending! What do you do when the customer leaves without adding an item to their cart?

What if they add items to the cart and then decide to empty their shopping cart? Is that the end of their buying journey? And what if your customers do a cart reset along because they want a fresh start?

If your buyer journey is optimized, what is the one thing you can do to enhance your customer’s experience furthermore? Our answer is Empty Cart Upselling.

The Solution

If you’re looking to increase sales, upselling and cross-selling are two tried and tested methods. Cross-selling comes into play when the customer has begun the purchase journey by adding a product to the cart. Upselling can however come into picture even before the customer makes a purchase decision.

This method does not require any additional tools and more importantly do not break the user experience. They act as enhancements serving as catalysts to the end conversion cycle!

How Does This Feature Work?

When the customer clicks on an empty cart they’re delighted with products / product categories to shop from! These serve as a passive sales nudge especially to customers who have a pattern of high impulse purchases leading to an increase in add to cart conversion rates.

Tip – A small coloured icon on the cart button that demands attention, aids in enticing customers to click on the cart.

Why Do We Need It?

Our customized Shopify SOS Empty Cart Upsell solution mainly aids with increasing Add-To-Cart conversion rates. Add-to-Cart is a critical micro-conversion event that is the first solid indication of a consumer transitioning from the awareness phase to consideration/interest phase in their buyer journey. They’re the ideal potential customers who can be hooked in with some rounds of re-marketing. Here’s a cool stat to seal this deal – Upselling is said to increase revenue by up to 30%!

P.S. – Making sure that the add-to-cart action is tracked on your website is crucial. Please make sure that you have event tracking set up for all conversion events.

If you want more information about our Empty Cart Upselling solution, please reach out to us.

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