How does dropshipping with EDC Connect for Woocommerce work?

EDC Wholesale is European market leader in erotic products with over 14.000 products in its catalog. Their headquarters, located in Veendam (the Netherlands), carries various consumer-based online shops, including EasyToys and Beate Uhse, an international B2B wholesale department and they also offer Dropshipping as a business model.

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What is Dropshipping?

The easiest way to describe dropshipping is re-selling other people’s products through your store. An owner of a webshop offers certain products, but does not have them in stock.

The customer places the order via your webshop, you pass the order on to the supplier and the supplier sends the product directly to the customer.

It is an almost risk-free form of online retailing. You completely outsource the logistics process. Furthermore, you do not have to invest in stock, you do not have to rent extra storage space, you have no purchasing risk and no staff is needed to ship the products.

What does EDC Wholesale dropshipping offer?

EDC is a modern ecommerce wholesaler that operates internationally and offers a fantastic range of adult/erotic products. Among its brands, you can find brands like EasyToys and many more.

  • Dropshipping at no extra cost
  • Ordered before 23:00, delivered tomorrow
  • Extensive feeds and API capabilities
  • Pay with iDEAL, prepayment, credit card, Paypal or MisterCash.

The company is based in Veendam, the Netherlands, and since about 2004, it has had a massive growth of pretty high numbers. It went from being a small virtual business to Europe’s largest retailer in the field of sexual wellness products.

Their success comes from sourcing products and offering them at competitive prices. Without compromising the quality standards that have always characterized them!

Where is EDC Wholesale based?

EDC Wholesale is an international online retailer based in Veendam, Netherlands.

EDC Facility in Veendam, The Netherlands

How does the Dropshipping service work at EDC?

First you register for an account with EDC, you fill out all the necessary information and wait for your account to be approved. Once your account has been approved, add whatever you want to the shopping cart, and start selling.

You will have to set your price and sell to customers you find in more than 29 different countries.

Once an order is completed EDC will send an email with the tracking information to your client. If you want more security regarding the shipment, you can track the order and have updated information on everything that happens. And that’s it; EDC Wholesale’s Dropshipping service works that simple. If you already have a Woocommerce shop or want to start one, you need to learn how to import the products from EDC to woocommerce.

EDC Connect WooCommerce plugin for Dropshipping

Once you receive order within your WooCommerce store, you can send it automatically to EDC; they will then ship the order directly to your customer from your name. An easy way to start your e-commerce. This, combined with our EDC WooCommerce plugin, automates and takes care of the entire Dropshipping process for you. That way, you can focus on the critical part of having a Dropshipping business: generating revenue!

Before we start, you should download the EDC Connect WooCommerce plugin via We offer you a 7- day free trial period, so no strings attached. Once you’ve downloaded the EDC Dropshipping Connect plugin, you will receive a zip file and and license key.

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